Santiago´s blog
.my name is Santiago i live in Cali, Colombia. I Don`t like school because they give us many homework some hard and some easy, the school is boring but you need to study for ha work.
I practice football because is the best sport in the world I have many friends that play football
i love to eat pasta, pizza and hamburger. my favorite colour is red.
My favorite team is Manchester united it is very good playing football, is one of the bests team in the world

I love to play ps3, I play all the time after doing  homework, many people thinks that Xbox 360 is better than the ps3 and now more because of the Kinect , but for me is like the same.

I love to play Call of Duty Black Ops  because i play with my friends and cousins in online. I play Zombies with my brother and we lose because don`t do nothing I am the one that play.
Some times I fight with my brother but all the people that have brothers fight so I think is normal.

I play FIFA 11 but not to much as Call of duty. I win to a friend 13-3, I was Spain and my friend England he is to bad but with his others friends he is the best so can you imagine how the friends play? I think that he was lying me.

I make a  presentation of the TV evolution it was boring but i enjoy it presenting it you need to see it.

Prezi is the same of power point and office word but better it is like  a video.You can put pictures, videos, you and put shapes and also you can draw pictures so if you want to do presentations in Prezi enter and first see the tutorial or you will be lost  

My favorite colour is the red. Is the colour of my football team

                           AMERICAAAAAA DE CALI

Is the colour of one part of our Colombian flag.

Is the colour of many animals in land and sea. Is the colour of birds flyinig everyday over us.

Is the colour of fruits, flowers and vegetables that we eat everyday.


Here are my best friend

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