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Facebook is social network website create by Mark Zuckerberg founded by Eduardo Saverin, Chris Hughes Dustin Moskovitz and mark Zukerberg. It was create on the 28 of October in 2003. Originally was create for Harvard university students, but in 2004 is open to anyone that has an email account, now it has many online people in the world more than 600 hundred. FaceBook has a value because you can find your friends play games see videos chat with your family and friends create groups show photos and have fun     

In facebook are many tools one is the friends list there the users can add any friend that is register in facebook always if your friend accept your invitation. It also have games that you can play. In face book you can find lost friends or have new friends with whom to exchange photos and messages. For this facebook has server has search tools and suggestions of friends. You can create groups. It is bringing together people with common interests. In groups you can add photos, videos, messages, etc. Wall is a space is a space on each user profile that allows friends to write messages for the user to see. It is only visible to registered users.

In face book are many companies that do advertisements and ask you questions of their products or for making new products and they can do votes of products that is a way to help the companies to do products, some companies do games or show their new products that’s help the company to have new costumers.

Face book interacts with messenger because in both you can chat and put photos and find friends the difference is that in Face Book there are games, also with YouTube because you can show videos to other people, in messenger, face book and in YouTube you can do advertisements.

 The benefits of face book are that you do friend and find old friends, you can communicate with your friend and also with your family that are in other countries, also you can play a game of facebook mean while you chat. The problems is that people download music illegally you don’t have privacy they hack your face book also children use it for cyber bully and they can fool you and ask you question and then they guess were you live.

Face book has become faster and have new games that are better than the others the chat has been change and is better.

The impact of face book is that now many people have face book, have new friends and find old friends, many people are all the time in face book more than 600 million users are connected and chatting on face book, now is in the entire world. My opinion in this impact is that many people have like 600 friends and they don’t chat that is not a friend and people use it to chat with the friends some people use to find people to steal the other people so I said that face book is a positive impact but at the same time negative. Face book has change in the use now many people has been kill because they said were he live. Before face book was slow and now is faster many people communicate at the same time and very fast.

In the future face book will be the best way of communicating fast and for making new friends also it will be more than 1000 users in online. I think that face book will be the best way for the people to communicate and have fun in internet.    

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