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Facebook is a social network service. In Facebook you can find lost friends to contact or add new ones with whom to exchange photos and messages. For this, the Facebook server has search tools and a suggestion of friends.was create by Mark Zuckerberg, he create it for a university that is call Harvard  university it was create in the 28 of October, 2003.
It was create only for the univercitary people that study there for they can communicate each other.                                    
In the year 2004 facebook start to be in all the world, now in 2011 it have more than 600 million active users.
Facebook it is worth because you can chat with your friends that are in different countries, you can add friends, you can play games from Playfish, Zynga games Games as Farmville and games such as Digital Chocolate Tower Bloxx. first it was only for a university then it grow and now it is in all the world